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Randle, et al. v. SunTrust Banks, Inc., et al.

IMPORTANT: In order to receive a monetary award in this Settlement based on your individual experiences, you must complete, sign, and submit this Detailed Claim Form, and it must be received by the Claims Administrator, by April 15, 2024. You may submit your Claim Form either by mail or electronically at the Claims Administrator website below.

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The Randle lawsuit alleged that SunTrust (now Truist) engaged in systemic, nationwide racial discrimination against African American Financial Advisors (“FAs”). In the lawsuit, Plaintiffs challenged several SunTrust policies and practices as discriminatory, including those governing the assignment of bank branches, client accounts, books of business, licensed banker support; assignment of designations such as “Premier,” “Wealth” and “Private Client” Advisor; and participation in teams, among other business opportunities and resources.

This Claim Form is intended to assist you in providing information about how you were subjected to racial discrimination, a racially hostile work environment or racial harassment, and/or retaliation by SunTrust, and what losses and harm you suffered as a result. Please answer each question as fully and completely as you can if it applies to your individual work experiences.


  • Please review and verify the accuracy of your name and address listed above. If any of the information is incorrect or incomplete, provide the correct information in the blank space to the right of the pre-printed information.
  • In addition, in Section A, please provide your phone number and personal email address in case we need to contact you about your Claim Form.
  • Provide as much detail as necessary to fully answer the questions below. Include names, dates of events, and amounts of accounts or books of business, for example.
  • Please identify examples of non-African American FAs you believe were treated better than you and how.
  • The Claim Form includes questions that may or may not be applicable to your individual experience at SunTrust. You need only answer the questions that apply to you.
  • If you are unsure of names, provide as much additional detail as possible to help identify the individual(s) (e.g., “the HR representative,” “Joe Smith’s licensed banker,” “the father and son team in my region,” “the regional manager,” etc.).
  • If you are uncertain of dates of incidents described in your responses, provide as much detail as possible to help identify the time period (e.g., “late fall 2018,” “shortly after the 2016 Presidential election,” etc.).
  • If you need more space than is provided to fully answer any question below, use a separate sheet(s) of paper and indicate clearly to which question you are responding.
  • In order to seek financial recovery for any period after your employment with SunTrust ended, you must complete Section P and submit qualified documentary evidence of post-SunTrust income and work history, such as W-2, 1099, tax return, Social Security Wage Statement.
  • In order to seek financial recovery for any emotional distress, you must complete Section N, and you may submit additional documentary evidence that supports your claim of emotional distress.
  • You must date and sign the Claim Form under penalty of perjury, and the Claims Administrator must receive it by April 15, 2024.