SunTrust Settlement

Randle et al. v. SunTrust Banks, Inc. et al.,
Case No. 18-CV-1525 (D.D.C)

If you were employed by SunTrust Investment Services, Inc. (“SunTrust”) as a Financial Advisor (as defined in the Settlement Agreement) at any time between June 24, 2014 and February 17, 2021, and self-identified to SunTrust as African American and/or Black, a class action settlement may affect your rights.

This website contains important information regarding the race discrimination class action settlement in Randle et al. v. SunTrust Banks, Inc. et al., Case No. 18-cv-1525 (D.D.C.). The parties have reached a proposed Settlement Agreement and on October 27, 2023, the Court granted preliminary approval of the Settlement Agreement and authorized notice to be sent to the class members.

The Settlement provides a Settlement Fund of $14 million for a class of African American and/or Black SunTrust Financial Advisors (“FAs”) (as defined in Section III.C.1 of the Settlement Agreement). The Settlement also provides Programmatic Relief to increase opportunities for African American and/or Black FAs.

SunTrust denies Plaintiffs’ allegations and claims, and the Court has not made any determination on the merits of this matter. By entering into the proposed Settlement, SunTrust does not admit any liability or wrongdoing.

If you have any questions, you can contact the Claims Administrator at 1-888-262-9393  or Class Counsel at:

Linda D. Friedman
Suzanne E. Bish
George S. Robot
Stowell & Friedman, Ltd.
303 W. Madison
Suite 2600
Chicago, IL 60606-3395

Current Status

On February 21, 2024, Judge Timothy J. Kelly of the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia granted final approval of the class action settlement. Please check HERE for important dates and deadlines.